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Latest I have not been to active around here but now things in life is changing to much not to document it somehow. Exiting! So to follow what really is going on in our lifes be sure to follow my new blog thechangalas.wordpress.com.

All things designed is here after going to be focused on just the design, art and inspiration etc that it was intended for in the beginning! Family has moved to its on space.

Happy reading! And follow!



I am not completely off the design track even if it is summer and the blog is more asleep than alert, I get my design fix on Instagram on my Android phione (yes, I have one of thoose now). And I like when I find something new that I would never stumbel upon anywhere else. One of summers finds is Skinny laMinx that is a brand by a South African illustrator and designer, Heather Moore. Read more about it here. Well, I really like her patterns, they talk to my scandiafrican mind. Down is a pic from Skinny LaMinx Instagram feed. Enjoy!


Wall art fun


This is my favorite photo of summer 2014 so far, from one of our favorite places to go when in Lidköping. My man and Alice in front of wall art at Rörstrand museum and Iittala outlet shop in Lidköping, Sweden. It is all about fun and art! Look at Alices skirt, just having a blast in the wind.

Read more about Sarjaton by Iittala and why I like it here.

Vacation is still on! This week we are reloading for this summers second archipelago trip. Sweden is nice in the summer!


Fitness and health

After having two kids and quite tough pregnancies it is a bless to be able to work out again. I am doing it pretty serious since I felt like I need to build strenght and be healty to manage my life. In February I bought a book (Thanks Olga Rönnberg author of Träning för nyblivna mammor) and my husband said: “Since when does it work to get strong and fit by bying a book”. By now he believes it can work and I feel stronger than ever. And the best of it all is that I manage to train with my kids and things going around, for example having food on the stove.

So to get some extra effect during summer I decided to make July my fitness month! And this week went so good. Am really proud of myself. And when training more I feel like the only clothes I need is fitness clothes. And shoes. I like my Nikes but they are getting too outworn so on my shoppinglist is now some training shoes to die for and some things cool to sweat in!

1. Famly gym session. 2. Nike Free Run 3. Adidas Originals 4. Peak Performance Lavvu Print Tights 5. Adidas Duramo 6. Tank top Nike 7. Flower prints on top from Lululemon







Came home to this. Just saying! 😉 Homegrown food is better than anything and potatoes happen to be one of my favorite kind. Real inspiration what some hard work and soil can do!


Beautiful countryside


Beautiful countryside on our way to the archipelago of Stockholm. Have been driving all day and kids have been amazingly kind. Tomorow we get our reward, traditional celebration of midsummer with the whole extended family. You can follow me on instagram @jchangala to see what we are up to.

Stroller thoughts


While I am at it I will continue with some kid- and baby related matters, strollers. yeayh!

All parents get to the point when they ask themselfes what the stroller should do for their family. And so did we. Mr C wanted us to only have one stroller this time and after alot of research we ended up buying a Bugaboo Cameleon. (I am sorry to say though that even if the intention was good I could not stick to just one stroller).

We like buying used items so we found one for a really good price that I fixed up a bit. it is a Cameleon plus, not the newest Cameleon 3 model. The Cameleon has almost everything you can wish for in a stroller, it is comfortable for the baby, has a carrycot and an ergonomic seat unit that you can start using as soon as the baby can sit and also it gets small when folded and works in most terrains. It is really easy to manouver for both mum and dad since it has an adjustable handle that has a wide range of positions and the front wheels are swiveling. It also looks really nice and I love that I can change hoods and custom design things for it. Take a look at this etsy shop for inspiration or to order something nice for your Cameleon. Bugaboo also have all sorts of extras for the stroller, like the breezy canopy and foot muffs in beautiful colours.

After all this good things with our Bugaboo you can really wonder why I had to go buy other strollers and it is really a whole other blog post 😉 but I can say that winter and snow is one reason and the foldability is another one. Those are the only negative things I can find with the Cameleon. Since we live in Sweden and we have occasionally alot of snow and even if we have the terrainwheels that you can complement with they make the stroller a bit uneasy to steer. It works but it is not as easy as with an Emmaljunga Edge (which happen to be one of the other strollers I got). The foldability is all about convenience and lazyness. It gets pretty small when folded but it folds in two pieces and it is not either quick or smooth to fold it like that. Th Bugaboo Bee (that also has been here and moved again) has a much easier fold and I wish the Cameleon had the same. Not working with the design though.

But we do love our Bugabo Cameleon and even if other competitors are moving in sometimes to be tried and tested I am sure, and Mr S and Baby S seems to agree, that the Cameleon will stay until the stroller period is over. Down you can see how Cameleon is a perfect member of our little family on our summer adventures. Here it has the breezy suncanopy in dark khaki. The organizer is from 3sprouts, the rain cover from Elodie Details, the blanket is hand made in Zimbabwe and bought from Savanna Home and the pram liner is from Outlook.

DSC_2169 DSC_2183 DSC_2175

Life through the eyes of Alice

Life right now is really all about kids. Should start a blog called all things designed kids and it might get updated. But thats how it is. It is really not less beautiful, the life with kids, its even better than without. At least most of the days. And they are amazing our kids. Guess most parents feel like that (but ours are for real ;)). Alice has the most amazing eye for things and all the photos below she took with our new camera.

Well, to celebrate kids and summer and all things designed I am playing around a bit with a new look. Say what you think. And I will keep posting. Kids or not, I like doing this.

DSC_2092 DSC_2108 DSC_2109 DSC_2117 DSC_2119 DSC_2120

With spring comes cleaning!

And what is better than reorganazing and redecorating at the same time? Well, for me that is the only way to do a proper spring cleaning. In our house the room that needs constant reorganizing is Alices room. Together we use to wath this kids show on TV that is called Fixa rummet, in english that is Fixing the room, where kids together with the team on the show redo their rooms into their dream room. Me and A use to play that TV show at home only with the difference that we have to redo it all over since we both make a mess all the time. The wonderful Isabell McAllister was the one having the show before and she has now released a book all about childrens rooms! Down you can see a small clip about it.



When the kids decide they train creativity and it becomes fun instead of something that has to be done and as a mum hopefully you do not have to nag your heads out.

So let me go and see if my kiddo can decide to organize something like this:


Photo from pinterest.

Wish me good luck! 😉



My talented friend

My talented friend

Just pinteresting a bit this morning with babyS and coffe and ended up finding my very talented friend Karins work on photos styled by Daniella Witte. This beautiful flower pots, or containers for anything, are designed by Sarah Widman in collaboration with DBKD. And DBKD, thats Karin my friend. Find more ofher things at dbkd.se. Karin is not only a good friend, she is a woman that I admire, she has always worked hard and has a great eye both for style and for business. Check her stuff out!

Photo by Daniella Witte

Wow, we have two kids

Yes, that is what happened. We got another baby finally and we are all fine. My eye have gotten treatment for the disease i got and our beautiful second daughter is growing every day. When life turns out to be like you have not expected it it is just to go with the flow and make the best out of the situation. We all came out stronger and now winter is finished and sun is back.

The most beautiful things designed in this world are my family and this winter they have been my only focus. Not very many thoughts about design or really anything else. But ofcourse, even kids stuff like clothes, toys and things are designed. Maybe I will sneek just a bit of such stuff in the post coming up. 😉

But since I let you down so completely for so long I give you another photo update. Here is my life winter 2014. And I hereby present Sylvia Iwvananji Changala Davidson.


IMG_9524IMG_9540 IMG_9569 IMG_9519 IMG_9548 IMG_9577 IMG_9603 IMG_9624

From the top: we had some snow and strolled with an Emmaljunga pram that  i dyed and renovated, Sylvia, Sylvia, Sylvia (cutest baby), our Bugaboo Cameleon has been amazing on many strolls, Big sister Alice already carries baby sister in a chitenge.



Autumn in pictures

This pregnant mum is still tired and have almost zero energy but the last couple of weeks have been active anyway. Baby is gonna come early due to certain circumstances and because of that all has been about preparing and trying to enjoy resting and each other. Best shown in pictures of what we have been up to. Enjoy!

A wonderful family working weekend at the summer house. Garden work and time together. 

Photo 2013-10-19 23 00 19 Photo 2013-10-19 23 00 38 Photo 2013-10-19 23 00 39 Photo 2013-10-19 23 00 47 Photo 2013-10-19 23 00 51 Photo 2013-10-19 23 00 52 (1) Photo 2013-10-19 23 00 52

Celebrated Zambias independece day with nshima, meatballs and spinach.Photo 2013-10-24 19 00 13

Resting in the sofa on a Friday evening.

Photo 2013-10-25 18 58 46

Stomach growing day by day. 

Photo 2013-10-28 11 22 49

It was raining the whole autumn break week so Alice and me made an art project in the living room. First we picked autumn leaves in different colours, then tracing them on a big canvas and finally painting them with all amazing colours we could come up with. 

Photo 2013-10-28 15 36 56

Photo 2013-10-30 17 08 56

Photo 2013-11-14 11 31 43

Also had the chance to meet my childhood friends for a weekend of talk and fun. Some pregnant, some babies and some soon back to work. Typical for this age. 

Photo 2013-11-02 15 56 19

Photo 2013-11-02 15 56 33

And Alice is growing, here prepared to go for her first school dance. Oh my!

Photo 2013-11-08 17 21 50

Baby crib ready for baby, with nest and blankets. 

Photo 2013-11-09 16 00 47

Autumn sun



Just a glimpse from our small town.
Sun is still shining and October is already half through.
Can we hope for a skipped autumn blues?

Gardens for growing and enjoying

When autumn is coming and it is getting colder and colder, my mind starts dreaming about greener grass on other continents. More in detail I start planning our garden in Zambia. Our house in Lusaka, Zambia has a quite small plot and we want space for both eating, enjoying and growing veggies and below  I found some ideas that could work for us when that time is here. Enjoy!

Garden design

All picture sources can be found at my pinterest page under the board GARDENS. There you can find even more inspiring garden pics.



Pregnancy and baby gear

Being pregnant is not always easy. There is this image of beautiful bellies and harmonic planning of baby rooms etc etc. Well it is a lot of that too, but for me pregnancy is mostly just a long journey until the big reward. This pregnancy I got problems with pelvic pains very early. Already in week 10 I got it and from then I have been very limited in what I can physically do. For example I cant work at my regular job as a nurse in the ICU and more I cant walk or run which is something I enjoy doing a lot. So much time is spent just doing what I can like baking bread, with a machine =), and doing hand craft like knitting. Since the baby hormones is haunting me too I can google strollers and other baby gear for hours. Here are one of the favorites I found so far:


Wonderful design by swede Camilla Lundsten. Not only baby gear here, a lot of nice cushions, fabrics, bags and more. I was so lucky to get a gift card for one of the bags as a birthday gift last week, yeayh! But still have to pick the model. The pattern I have chosen is the black one called saga forest, the one with trees and elephants. Now its just if I should get the day bag (down to the left) or the messenger bag (up and down to the right). What do you think?


And as you can see down Littlephant also has a collaboration with Lindex Store on baby and children clothes. It is so cute and cool and has become very popular among parents and kids. I adore the patterns and colours!

Some of my favorites from the collection:

Cute and cool for sure. Also be sure that more baby related stuff will appear hear during the last couple of months.


My best achievement in life so far…

Today is my birthday. I am now clearly on my way into the thirties and I can no longer remember how it was to be 19 and have no clue about what life would offer. I can only conclude that life only gets better and that I so far achieved quite many good things. And the best of them all is my little girl Alice ❤.


New design for the iphone from Apple, time for a new one?

Has needed a new phone for a couple of months now. My iphone 4 is going on its last gears, had it for 3 years in October, but have been waiting for the new iphone releases since I didn´t find the iphone 5 to be different enough for switching the 4 for. And now they are here. They are two models and my mobile provider actually texted me yesterday that the news are out (want to sell much?).   First the 5C model which is supposed to be a cheaper variant but still with almost the same features that the iphone 5 and then the 5S model which I dont really know whats so new. Exept that it says it has some kind of fingerprint Touch ID in the home button!!

So what do you think?

Me I like the coulours. Of both models actually. More stylish on 5S wich can be bought in silver, gold and space grey, but fun that with strong blue, pink, green and yellow on 5C.

So is it time for a new iphone this autumn?

The iphone 5C

Check the video below for more info on the 5C:


The iphone 5S

Read more on the 5S at http://www.macrumors.com/roundup/iphone-5s/.

And a video about the 5S.

Alice thinks I should get the goldy one. “Mum, its gold, you have to have THAT one”. Well, we will see.

All pics from http://www.macrumors.com.

A stroller update

A late night update on what I decided to do tonight. In pain and all but resting in between. Putting decor plastic on the chassis of the stroller to protect it and give it an all black look. And oh my, it is taking me forever! Well, here is the result so far. Will give you an update on the project when I find energy to finish it.


About time for an update

After a long and sunny summer it is now beginning to become autumn. A bit cooler, or somedays alot cooler, but still weather is treating us nice this year in Sweden. Me on the other hand has not treated this blog nice but life has offcourse continued anyway. One reason for mistreatment is that I am pregnant and we are expecting a baby in December. I have had quite a tough pregnancy so far so energy levels have been very low. Have not forgotten my interest for all things designed thoug (now meaning both the blog and actual things, like for exampel strollers 😉 ). Have come to accept that I am a real nerd and after selling all of the strollers we had for Alice, we had three at home but in total we bought five different ones for her, and doing a lot of research I found a used one that was in very good condition and worth the money. We are now honping, and especially my husband, that this stroller will fit all our needs. It is a Bugaboo Cameleon and can be designed just as I like.

Here a short update on this years summer life:

sommar 2013 130

2013 568

2013 1485

2013 1339

sommar 2013 328

2013 1476

2013 596

sommar 2013 318

sommar 2013 324



sommar 2013 229

Pictures from above: 1. M fixing the barbecue, he is a master, 2. Alice and friend Assar on a walk holding hands, 3. Alice pushing the new Bugaboo stroller and imagining how it is to be a big sister, 4. M teaching Alice and friend Muko how to fish, 5. The view over lake Vänern, 6. Alice pushing a doll stroller from my childhood, 7. More barbecuing, 8. One happy child, 9. Alice biking her big girl bike, 10. Alice and me on Midsummer celebrations. 


Winter outside, sun inside

Yes it’s true, it’s snowing  outside and Spring forgot that it had to fight. So I am starting the weekend with some sunny interior pictures, some African design inspiration! All pictures from the Elle Est Belle Mon AfriqueMaybe the weekend will give time for some DIY with all my african fabrics? Have an arm chair that needs some love. What are your weekend plans?

vinter 12-13 1330vinter 12-13 1331 vinter 12-13 1332 vinter 12-13 1333 vinter 12-13 1334 vinter 12-13 1335 vinter 12-13 1336 vinter 12-13 1337 vinter 12-13 1338 vinter 12-13 1339

Yoga gear

Oh, so nice yoga gear I found through Myyogaonline. And if I was not a yogi already and also on a strict budget I would sure splash out on any of this nice and motivating things. But no such thing happening. Am going to continue doing my practice on my old mat and with no pillows and bags. Do you believe new nice training gear increase your motivation in training?


13789-7T13882-2T13882-3T  11352-8T 11352-3T 11352-2T


All things found at halfmoon.

Spring Green

I am close to addicted to internet shopping and since now it is time to start saving big times for our next trip to Zambia this is the end. THE END. So I give you two things that had time to come before the finish line. A new iphone cover from Marimekko (ordered from Hamngatan 12 Interiors & Design) and a new copy of Jane Austen’s Emma (from the book sale at Bokia.se). So springtime you are welcome! Looking forward to reread Emma since it is a long time since I opened that book for the first time. Think it was one of the first “adult” books I read as a young girl.

marimekko iphoneskal



Last couple of days in pictures

Have spent the last couple of days at home and trying to fight a headache from hell. Walking and work out usually works. Also resting and not doing anything special. It looks like spring is on its way but I tell you it is still freezing in the shadows! Easter is up and usually the family open up the summer house for the season but we decided to wait for the proper spring.






Missed furniture fair and talented friends

I was supposed to go to Stockholm during the furniture fair in February. I had maid sure I had a long weekend off and all, but I got the flu and was out of contest for two weeks. At the furniture fair I wanted to see my friends Ola and Jenny (and Joel, their co-designer) show their newly designed furniture after graduating from design school in Lund. They did well! Ended up in Residence, a Swedish interior design magazine (see below). The trio, Ola, Jenny and Joel, call them self Stoft Design and where picked as a favorite on the fair by Swedish jewelry designer Maria Nilsdotter. Read more about Stoft design and there work here. They call the project for the fair mechanical thoughts and it is inspired, in their own words, by “complex mechanisms and mechanical movement”.  ILLUSTRATION_MASSA_PRINT

Up: Illustration “mechanical thoughts” by Stoft Design
Down: The cabinet in Residence 

20130321-164354.jpgJenny Ekdahl  is a very talented illustrator and has started to sell her stuff online through Socitey6. My daughter got one of her beautiful prints this autumn and has it in her room. The one with called KRANIUM. But now you can get her prints on iphone cases, skins and pillows. Check it here Jenny Ekdahl at Society 6. I am very keen on buying one of the iphone cases. And they seem to be shipping all over the world.

Down:  Some of Jenny’s work that can be found at Society6.


Hope you enjoy!


Sarjaton by Iittala, talking to my Scandi and African style

Last years collection from Iittala, Sarjaton, is a beautiful piece of design. I stumbled upon a series of pictures at decordots, a blog written by Anu that has a big interest of Scandinavian design. For me as a swede scandi design is all over and a piece like Sarjaton easily disappears in the masses, but when seeing all the pictures together it vowed me over and I am in love. Sarjaton is simple, classic and easily used in all kinds of environments. I am actually thinking of it as a perfect series to bring to Zambia and live with there. Reminding of home in Scandinavia but still connected to the bigger picture through the simple pattern. I asked my husband what he thinks about it an he likes it, says it even looks like it could have been designed in Africa and I agree. The pattern is universal. Just look at the pictures on traditional African patterns down and compare to the simple pattern on Sarjaton, not so far apart according to me!

Sarjaton by Iittala

Sarjaton-by-Iittala A-cup-from-Sarjaton-collection-by-Iittala-2

Sarjaton pieces 






iittala_com-product_page_460px-template (1) iittala_com-product_page_460px-template (2) iittala_com-product_page_460px-template

Above African prints and patterns and beautiful Sarjaton pieces again designed by four different designers and designer teams Aleksi Kuokka, Harri Koskinen, Musuta and Samuji. Read more about them here and here. This is gonna be our new every day dishes for sure! Read somewhere that the best designer is the designer most traveled and here it could be true.


Winter update, yes it is still around…

vinter 12-13 450

I become like a bear in the winter. Almost going to sleep, burying myself in the mood of no motivation. Think it is my strategy of surviving the cold and dark months. So imagine my happiness last week when the sun came out and was even a bit warming! Pure joy. But oh, it came back, this morning the ground was covered in white, light snow and the sky was grey again. The typical Swedish winter and for you that have never experienced one and think it gets easier every year, it doesn’t. Am not young any longer, years are pilling, and my experience is that it gets harder and harder. So above is last time we had proper sun ;-). And below follows pictures from the rest of the times during fall when the sun visited. Also the pictures are mostly on my complete joy in life, regardless of season! ❤

vinter 12-13 187vinter 12-13 190vinter 12-13 229vinter 12-13 291 vinter 12-13 296 vinter 12-13 299 vinter 12-13 304 vinter 12-13 370

From top: Alice and Johanna on walk in Stockholm, Alice and me on a walk at Hunneberg, same as previous, us on a walk at Kållandsö, Alice and Nelson on a visit at Retroprylar, Alice at townsquare in Trollhättan, Alice with dad in town, Alice (again) listening to a concert and last Alice in a party mode.

So long, who knows, spring might be here next time!


Oh, I found myself a Fitbit

Stumbled upon this tiny little device the other week. It is a Fitbit Zip. And it will from now on help me stick to my healthy choices and keep track on when I can walk that extra mile. It is tiny, cool and so far seems simple to use. Comes with a software that updates wireless to your computer and an app for iphone or android. I bought it in green. Will evaluate after some more use. So come sunshine, come spring, I am ready! 




Oh, I found myself a Fitbit


This time of the year…

…when it is getting darker and darker every day and it can take days before the sun pleases us with a visit. My husband often says that every Scandinavian winter he survives is a blessing and a miracle and he does not understand how people can remain here longer than they have too. Well, we do not always have much of a choice and growing up here has taught me to handle it. One way is to dream about the Holidays. Soon November is over and Christmas is approaching. And even if we do not Christmas clean all the cupboards and organize everything perfectly well (as it looks that everybody else have time to do 😉 ) it is a wonderful time for enjoying candle light, warmth inside the house and time with family. The first snow can fall in December and then we have a reason to go outside again and play.  And soon it is here. Am right now listening to Christmas music and getting in the mood.


Another way of forgetting that it is November is to look at pictures from the summer holiday. We went to Zambia and got more than enough of the beautiful sun light. It was the dry season so warm and very dry it was. Had one day in four weeks with five minutes of rain. Zambia was not green as last time I visited, it was yellow, brown, red and orange. Beautiful!

All pictures taken by me in Kafue and Lusaka area of Zambia, with a Samsung digital camera.

Pieces of inspiration




This week my girl has been sick so we had to stay at home. She is one of the most inspirational people in my life. Right now saying magnificent things all day through. This is what we did:

          A late walk for me when the dad came home. Our small Swedish town nowadays have a typical

Amercian Donut car in the middle of the avenue. Lightens the street in the dark.

Baking mudcake. A favourite since I was young. With a Zambian nshima-stick,

the perfect kitchen appliance that work for all kinds of baking and cooking. 

Drawing. And this is Alice view of the perfect family, mum, dad, her and her baby brother

that is not here (and not planned either). We are all centipieds on a green lawn with a sky so so blue. 

Baking bread. One of our favorite things! Especielly since we have borrowed my mums

Electrolux kitchen assistant

The yarn we bought is becoming a scarf for Alice. She is commanding me to knit faster. 

And I received a new bag I bought. It´s almost petrol and feels very good. From MAS(que)NADA

LEGO Architecture for Christmas

LEGO has always made some of my favorite toys but this, LEGO Architecture, should take the price.  This would be the perfect gift for the whole of our family. The architecture for me, the complex LEGO structure for my husband and the LEGO together with mum and dad for my daughter. LEGO Architecture says like this about their project:

LEGO® Architecture celebrates the past, present and future of architecture through the medium of the LEGO® Brick. We aim to explore the fascinating worlds of Architecture, Engineering and Construction. Our ambition is to inspire minds of all ages as they learn about the world’s most iconic buildings and structures.

The latest house in the product range is Villa Savoye by Le Corbusier.

Villa Savoye for real and as LEGO.

Wonder how many hours it would take us? Other buildings are Sydney Opera house and Burj Khalifa.

Sydney Opera House as drawing and as LEGO.

Elle Interior and Gothenburg

You know sometimes when things show up in your life at the same time you get this feeling that it is meant to be noticed. This time it was a work mate that started talking about a shop in Gothenburg, then a visit at a friend in the same city and a walk past this certain shop and finally a mention of the shop in my monthly magazine  Elle Interior (Swedish november issue). And the shop is Artilleriet in Gothenburg. When walking past it offcourse we had to go inside and it is a beautiful place with alot of strong furniture classics blended with an eclectic sense. In Elle Interior they were showing for example the Diamond Light designed by Eric Therner and it can be ordered in their webshop. Other beautiful things in their stock is the  Tom Dixon Etch Web Light. See them both below. Have a special love for lighting right now when it gets dark around 16 hrs already.

Tom Dixon Etch Web Light (photo from artilleriet.se)

Diamond Light by Eric Therner (photo from artilleriet.se)

Gothenburg is a nice city though it is quite chilly, rainy and windy. A perfect place to sneak in to warm and cosy shops.

The Dixon lamp in action in the shop (photo by me)

My daughter thought the dog was a pillow before it started running off (photo by me)

The Grasshopper lamp,  another classic designed by Greta Grossman in the 1940’s (photo by me).

Read more about Greta and her work here. She is an interesting designer that is not much talked about, quite unfairly. She was born in 1906 in the south of Sweden, trained at Konstfack in Stockholm and had a career in both Europe and America.

Classic Thonet chair and black and white colour setting (photo by me).

Friend Emma and daughter Alice checking the counter at Artilleriet in Gothenburg. 

Hanging on the wall

This post is for my sister. When hanging out this last weekend we discussed hanging art and photos on the wall and agreeing that it is one of the most difficult things. Our walls at home are still quite bare. The only things that came up at once when moving in was the old String shelfs but that is only because we need to put books in them. Well I started looking for tips and found this really thorough guides for hanging art and making a photowall. Both from SAS Interiors-inspired design for your space where you can find alot of tips about other interior issues aswell.

Check this out:

The art of hanging art

Useful ideas and layouts to create a photo gallery wall

This last post I found is about kids art display and is perfect for me and my girl. Just check the tape! Now it’s just to choose the door, and the wall, and start producing (which is never a problem here).

Garage entry: Kids art display 

All pictures from sasinteriors.net as you can see. Happy wallhanging!

At home: blue and green

I like patterns and colors. And they bring a comfortable impression when mixed and matched. Today I give blues and greens. From our home. Just a little collection of things hanging out in our bedroom. Talking to each other and giving us the feeling of being at home.


From top: New swedish Elle; Dödsklockan, a book by my favourite swedish writer Kerstin Ekman (printed in 1979); home made pillow case made by african chitenge bought in Zambia; basket bought in Provence, France; blanket from Zambia; chinese style jewelry box inherited from my grand mother and last picture is from a birthday card sent by my dear sister from Palma, Mallorca, Spain. 

Moominmamma needs a work place

Am down with a flu, or sinusitis, to be correct. So after trying to work this weekend and on Saturday evening attending a very nice concert I was exhausted on Sunday and my whole sinuses filled with unpleasant things. This is the time I wish I had a job where I could work from home, full time. In a nice office kind of place with inspiring things around me. I would have an inspiration wall and a big desk with place for all kind of activities. Like painting, sewing and writing. I would have a computer that would always work (mine is giving me a lot of trouble right now) and all the worlds music could be put on and be played through the walls. I would always have fresh flowers and the sun would shine through the windows every day. I would even have french doors that could be opened out on a veranda so I could go out there and drink my coffee at break.

Coffee is nice to drink in Arabias moominmuggs. The first one is called Moominmamma and is the one I am currently drinking my coffee in. Then there is moominpappa and Hooray! You can see them and all there friends at Arabia Finland.

A big robust table that could take everything I can put it in danger of. Nice light in the room with white floors, roof and wall. Not always my favorite to go all white but in this setting it is certainly working well. Picture from Design*Sponge.

Inspirational wall! Also from Design*Sponge.

This is absolutely something that could work for me. My one workspace house. Picture from Apartment Therapy.

This is more like my reality. Though this one is from Apartment therapy. Down, thats how my actual workplace looks. An old desk squized in between the bed and the window. I like it though. Inherited  from my grandmothers brother. The lamp and the chair from a second hand shop in town. Even the teakbowl. The painting hiding behind the flower is my one. Painted with great enthusiasm with my four year old. Not the best picture, Iphone is all I got right now.

Indoor plants all over the place

This morning, everywhere I look  I find beautiful homes with greens in them. Hangning, standing and climbing. Am myself a big fan of big plants indoors and try to keep those I got from my mother alive in our apartment. Some of them she has had since my childhood and you cant really call them trendy, but they still give the green feeling of being in a home.

Above pictures are from Arent&Pyke. Interior designers based in Sydney, Australia. Watch the full story “Green thumbs”  here. I really like that big plant in the bay window, almost like having a tree inside.



Still in Sydney, Australia, this pictures are from an apartment with a view in the Sydney Harbour that I layed my eyes on at Desire to Inspire. Again that big plant, like a tree, and in a very beautifully designed and placed “pot”.

Or why not try to hang the plants a bit different? Theese handmade flowerhangers are made by Make Smith Leather Co and I found the inspiration (as often) at DesignSponge.

So, green inside, makes it more fun and relaxing. The nature designes it best sometimes!


When creating a home…

Since we moved here a year ago we have been building, planning and organizing in and around our home. In the beginning we did not even have running water and we have still not put a warm water geyser, I am still getting hot and enjoying a cold shower most of the days. But about now we have reach the fun state of creating a home. We are fixing the final touches and figuring out which furniture we want to have. Thinking about how the house should work for us and what we need to make that happen. So right now Pinterest is my best friend and a great source of inspiration. I have ordered a table and childrens chairs from a local carpenter and next week I am planning to go and order some more things. A bathroom vanity, a pantry for the kitchen, a kitchen island and a bar cabinet for the living room is on the agenda. And quite alot of different chairs. Am a fan of having different styles of chairs that still match each other.

Any of these two would be perfect for extra storage in the kitchen. We need somewhere to keep wine glasses and stuff that we want to be treated with care. Think it would look really good made in Zambian hard wood.



For a bar cabinet I like these two. They are pretty different but would both fit in to our living room just like this.



Chairs come in many beautiful shapes and it is just too difficult to choose. Pastels, colours, different pretty light shapes….



Or darker wood…


The fun thing is if you find a good carpenter here you can get almost anything made and exactly the way you want it. And it costs a fraction to what it would cost in Sweden. And you get furniture in solid wood that will last you a life time. And that is something that I have come to care more and more about.

If you want to see what I pinn on Pinterest I am allthingsdesigned there too.


Fashion in Zambia (I am back)

Soon we have lived in Lusaka, Zambia, for a year! Exclamation mark for sure because time just flies. It takes time to settle in, find schools, jobs and where to buy your food but to make a longer story short, we like it here. Zambia is warm, kind and colourful! Almost every day I see something that I have not seen before, a color shift in the dark skies I did not think possible, a  tree so so green or soil very red. Colours are really vibrant and present all the time. For me that is so calming and strengthening! . I go for yoga here and it happens that my yoga teacher Towani also is a designer and runs Kutowa Designs. She uses patterns and colours from the Zambian chitenge fabric and designs modern but still classical clothes for both men and women. I found myself a dress in her studio the other week and must say I felt very beautiful in it!

Towani also appeared at CNN African Voices last week where she talks about her fashion and way of life. Check it out here!

Down you see Towani herself in clothes from her Ba Donna collection from 2015 (photos from Kutowa design on Facebook)

More Kutowa.


Check more of Towanis design at Kutowa.com.